Enhanced testing of the DPYD gene

Following the recommendation of the European Medicines Agency CPIC (Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium), GHC Genetics laboratory has expanded testing of the DPYD gene (5-fluorouracil dosage) to test additional variants:

12. 09. 2023

We have established cooperation with the Veronica patient organisation.

We are pleased to announce that in February we established cooperation with the Veronica patient organization. The Veronica patient organisation brings together patients with endometrial, vulvar, ovarian and cervical cancer and women with the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genetic mutations.

12. 09. 2023

Join the Czech genome analysis project!

Have you ever wondered who your ancient ancestors were? Would you like to know more about your origins? Then we have a unique opportunity for you!

12. 09. 2023

GHC Genetics now offers the opportunity to test for other respiratory diseases

From 19 November 2021, GHC Genetics will be the first to offer the opportunity to be tested at a sampling site for other common respiratory diseases that are more or less prevalent in our population, especially in autumn, winter and spring. These include influenza A and B viruses, respiratory diseases caused by the so-called RSV virus and adenovirus, too. The testing is in the form of a highly sensitive antigen test, and people receive the result, along with the coronavirus test by the same method, within 15 minutes on site.

12. 09. 2023