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Predictive genetics can use DNA analysis to detect innate predispositions to inherited diseases. Thanks to identifying the hereditary cause of a health risk, appropriate prevention can be initiated in time to minimise potential health complications. Genetics is the most advanced yet easily accessible tool in health care.


We are one of the few facilities in the Czech Republic that perform complex genetic analyses in their own accredited laboratory. We don't send DNA samples to any third party, they're perfectly safe with us. If a positive result is detected, it is essential to consult a doctor or geneticist who will explain the results of the analysis in detail and help to set up appropriate measures. 


Our portfolio of analyses consists of more than 80 tests in various areas that are available to anyone. Each test can be taken at your own discretion or on the advice of your physician. 


Each year, our doctors provide thousands of genetic consultations and advisory opinions. Whether to help you choose the right test for you or to provide information and recommendations specifically for you.


We cooperate with major teaching hospitals and physicians across the Czech Republic, through which we provide the general public with the opportunity to use genetic tests and analyses for diagnosis and prevention. 


The GHC Genetics laboratory has been performing molecular genetic analyses since 2007. At that time, it was one of the first on the market to make genetic testing available to the general public. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, uses the latest technology and has established a highly professional environment with its own medical team. Thanks to this, we are able to provide comprehensive services of the highest quality in one place, ensuring maximum comfort for our clients. We are constantly educating ourselves and following new developments in the industry, continuously upgrading our laboratory equipment, expanding our portfolio of services and, last but not least, listening to the needs of our clients.

News from GHC Genetics

After 25 years, the cause of a rare genetic neurological disease has finally been discovered

Spinocerebellar ataxia type 4 (SCA4) is a sporadic syndrome. Symptoms include muscle weakness, difficulty coordinating body movements, which causes a particularly jerky and unsteady gait, and difficulty speaking. The disease has long been known to have a genetic cause. As early as 1996, a link to chromosome 16q was found, but the mutation causing SCA4 remained unknown until now. Using the long single-stranded whole genome sequencing (LR-GS) method, which searched 6 495 genome sequence datasets, scientists finally discovered that a mutation in the ZFHX3 gene was responsible for the disease.

15. 05. 2024

Due to a genetic defect, their lungs are affected. Patients are treated at a new centre in Brno

The first centre in Moravia to treat genetic diseases opens its doors to patients. Patients who lack the so-called alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) can now come to the Lung Clinic of the University Hospital Brno for relief. This is a substance that protects the lungs from destruction and from the development of a number of lung diseases. 

"We are already admitting the first patients who have developed a deficiency of the AAT enzyme in April. Most of them are middle-aged and suffer from advanced forms of lung disease - most commonly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Regular treatment with the protein replacement will provide relief to the patients. It stops the progression of the disease that has developed due to AAT deficiency," explains Milan Sova, Head of the Clinic of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis at the University Hospital Brno. 

29. 04. 2024

How genetics can help patients with mental illnessHow genetics can help patients with mental illness

The treatment of patients with many psychiatric illnesses is quite lengthy, which is due (among other aspects) to the fact that the effect of many drugs on these illnesses takes up to 6 weeks or even later, and there is never a guarantee that the medication will have the expected effect. It is not uncommon in psychiatric care to have to try several different types of medication before finding the most optimal one.

22. 04. 2024
For doctors

Our partner network of doctors is a priority for us

For doctors

Collaborating with a wide network of doctors and medical facilities is crucial to our work. Thanks to it, we can provide our services to our clients through these doctors from different disciplines (oncology, gynaecology, dentistry) across the Czech Republic. All aspects of this cooperation need to be carefully coordinated to work well. That's why we have a sophisticated in-house sample collection system, the ability to send requisitions electronically, and an efficient software solution that allows online sharing of the resulting reports, which are uploaded to the system as soon as they are generated. This way, doctors have virtually real-time results or lab reports. We are always looking to expand our network of doctors to ensure that we have the maximum possible coverage in each region to reach as many clients as possible. GHC Genetics is part of the Quality LAB and Privalab association, whose members must meet strict certification requirements. Our laboratory performs all analyses on state-of-the-art HIGH-END instruments, thanks to which you can rely on the validity of the results. All doctors are provided with maximum operational communication support from us through our sales department and have the possibility of a personal consultation with a geneticist during individual examinations. They will also appreciate clear and understandable medical reports, which they can then interpret for their patients. We are happy to be your partner for genetics.

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