Breast cancer is influenced by a factor that is often overlooked

Genetics, obesity, alcohol, these are all factors that increase the risk of breast cancer and women are very aware of them. But there is one thing that many people do not primarily associate with a higher incidence of breast cancer and that is breast tissue density.

25. 03. 2024

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, the symbol is different socks

World Down Syndrome Day falls on 21 March. People wear different socks on this day. It is a symbolic support for people with Down syndrome, with the message that being different is normal and okay. The socks, when put together with their heels, resemble the letter X, or the X chromosome. The date March 21 is also not chosen at random. It is a symbolic representation of the fact that children with Down syndrome are born with one extra chromosome, or three. By putting on a different sock each March 21, we symbolically join the idea that although people are different and everyone is different, we should still help, respect and support each other.

21. 03. 2024

Humans have fewer coding genes than scientists expected

The number of coding or nuclear genes in human DNA (pictured), the genes involved in the process of making cellular proteins, is much lower than biologists have previously thought. That's according to researchers in an international study coordinated by Spain's National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), who say the true number of nuclear or coding genes is around 19,000. This is around four thousand fewer than the last estimates.

22. 01. 2024

GHC Genetics laboratory has received accreditation in the field of Medical Microbiology

As of 15.12.2023 GHC Genetics laboratory holds a new accreditation in the field of Medical Microbiology.

21. 12. 2023