In addition to testing for sexually transmitted diseases, we also offer testing for hepatitis A, B and C. This inflammatory liver disease can be caused by a viral infection. We also offer TORCH testing for pregnant women to detect the presence/level of antibodies linked to the following infectious diseases: Toxoplasmosis, Epstein-Barr virus, Rubella virus, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes simplex virus. These diseases are a great risk, especially for pregnant women and can cause birth defects in newborns.

Hepatitis A, B, C

Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease of the liver that can be caused by viral infection, toxins, congenital diseases, drugs, alcohol abuse or autoimmune processes. The most common viral hepatitis are hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Depending on the course of the disease, they are divided into acute, which resolves within a few weeks or months, and chronic, which can persist for many years. Typical symptoms include fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, dark-coloured urine or light-coloured stools. With microbiological analysis, antibody levels and acute infection can be detected, allowing appropriate preventive or therapeutic measures to be taken.

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Hepatitis A (anti HAV total)
400 Kč
Hepatitis B (HbsAg, anti HBs, anti HBc)
1 025 Kč
Hepatitis C (anti HCV)
360 Kč
Hepatitis A+B antibodies (Anti HBs, anti HAV total)
750 Kč

TORCH - infectious disease test

The TORCH test aims to detect the presence/level of antibodies linked to the following infectious diseases: Toxoplasmosis, Other (Epstein-Barr virus), Rubeola virus, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes simplex virus. The individual letters TORCH correspond to the first letters of the infectious diseases or their causative agents. These diseases are a major risk, especially for pregnant women, but can also cause birth defects in newborns. Diseases can be contracted, for example, by contact with a cat, by eating unwashed fruit and vegetables, by contact with a sick adult or child, or by contact with a person without any symptoms.

3-5 working days

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4 000 Kč

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