Humans have fewer coding genes than scientists expected

The number of coding or nuclear genes in human DNA (pictured), the genes involved in the process of making cellular proteins, is much lower than biologists have previously thought. That's according to researchers in an international study coordinated by Spain's National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), who say the true number of nuclear or coding genes is around 19,000. This is around four thousand fewer than the last estimates.

22. 01. 2024

GHC Genetics laboratory has received accreditation in the field of Medical Microbiology

As of 15.12.2023 GHC Genetics laboratory holds a new accreditation in the field of Medical Microbiology.

21. 12. 2023

GHC Genetics is among the TOP 10 ranked genetic laboratories in Europe

GHC Genetics is among the top 10 ranked genetics laboratories in Europe in 2023 by the prestigious international magazine HealthcareTech OUTLOOK. The laboratories are evaluated according to the comprehensiveness of the services offered, whether the laboratory is directly connected to the genetic clinic so that results can be directly interpeted to clients, and of course whether it uses the latest technology in the field, as well as staff expertise. GHG Genetics was identified in this award as a pioneer in molecular genetics, offering comprehensive genetic testing and counselling services.

01. 12. 2023