Scientists identify new gene that could beat aging

Scientists may be one step closer to unlocking the secrets to anti-aging. They've found that boosting a gene we all possess can slow the rate at which our cells wear down. The Chinese academics stumbled on the find while studying the DNA of fruit flies, when they discovered a single insect gene determined whether they died young. They ran the gene through a human database and found a 93 percent match with a human gene, known as DIMT1.

18. 06. 2024

Tattoos may be a risk factor for malignant lymphoma

In the first large-scale study, tattooing increased the risk of malignant lymphoma by approximately 20% compared to not tattooing. Tattoo ink often contains carcinogens and causes an immunological reaction when applied to the skin. This study was a population-based study of cases and controls of all incident cases of malignant lymphoma in Swedish adults (aged 20-60 years) in the Swedish National Cancer Registry between 2007 and 2017 (n = 11,905). Tattoo exposure was assessed using a structured questionnaire in both cases and three age- and sex-matched random controls without lymphoma. The primary outcome was the ratio of the incidence of malignant lymphoma in tattooed and non-tattooed subjects.

10. 06. 2024

GHC Genetics now offers non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

GHC Genetics is now offering for pregnant women the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT). This test detects the risk of chromosomal defects such as Down's, Patau's and Edwards syndromes with an accuracy greater than 99%. The test can be performed from the 9th week of pregnancy and the sample for analysis is obtained by venous blood collection in our outpatient clinic.

Because some of the fetus's genetic information (DNA) is released into the blood via the placenta, it is possible to reliably identify chromosomal abnormalities from the blood sample taken. This is a gentle and reliable way to obtain key information about your baby's genetic health.

30. 05. 2024

The first year of the Health Prevention Conference in Pardubice

On Tuesday, 21 May, the first year of the Prevention of Health Conference took place in Pardubice, organised by our sister company PRENET together with other institutions. The main purpose of the conference was to present the current possibilities and availability of preventive healthcare. Comprehensive prevention and early diagnosis are key to reducing the costs and increasing the success rate of treatment thus improving the health status of the Czech population, which has a major impact on the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system and is crucial for the economic development of the state and business.

24. 05. 2024