Want quick online access to results from our lab? Please contact us and we will explain and help you set up everything. It's very simple. 



Thanks to the WEBLIMS app

  • you'll have the fastest and secure access to results from our lab
  • you'll see your patients' results at the same time the lab releases them
  • the doctor can inform the client of the result as soon as possible
  • communication between us and your practice will be accelerated with the intuitive
    and simple user interface
  • you get a clear system with all results within which you can easily search and report everything

Frequently Asked Questions

To register, contact Ms. Nikola Ticha at ticha@ghcgenetics.cz, who will set up a username and password for you to log in and send you instructions for easier navigation.
WEBLIMS runs in a web browser, there is no need to install anything on the user's computer.
Yes, if you have any problems with the app, please contact us at the email above and we will help you resolve the issue.