Video of GHC Genetics presentation at the conference in Prague

At the end of 2017, under the auspices of GHC Genetics, the 10th conference of the Section of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology of the CGPS CLS JEP was jointly held with the Outpatient Gynaecologists Section of the CGPS CLS JEP and the SSG CR in the pleasant surroundings of the Orea Hotel Pyramida.

12. 09. 2023

Geneticist doc. Vladimir Ferak: We can read a lot from DNA, but not everything

A quarter of a century ago, almost no one knew what DNA was; today, even a small child knows the abbreviation. Geneticist Associate Professor Vladimír Ferak is perfectly versed in the tangle of lines and numbers that reliably reveal the perpetrator, identify the victim, determine the father, the great-grandfather or warn of genetic disease.

12. 09. 2023

Testing of Václav Havel Airport employees for thrombophilic mutations

In cooperation with Václav Havel Airport Prague, we organized an awareness-raising event for airport employees, during which they could get a free test for hereditary disposition to thrombophilic mutation, which carries an increased risk of blood clots or thrombosis.

12. 09. 2023

We regularly participate in important congresses

Our colleagues regularly participate in important medical congresses and professional meetings, where they educate themselves and at the same time introduce the medical community to the wide range of tests we perform in our laboratory.

12. 09. 2023