Testing of Václav Havel Airport employees for thrombophilic mutations

Testing of Václav Havel Airport employees for thrombophilic mutations

In cooperation with Václav Havel Airport Prague, we organized an awareness-raising event for airport employees, during which they could get a free test for hereditary disposition to thrombophilic mutation, which carries an increased risk of blood clots or thrombosis.

In the Czech population, up to 8% are carriers of one of the thrombophilic mutations, the most common being the Leiden mutation or the prothrombin mutation.

More than 370 airport employees were tested and 38 of them were found to have the thrombophilic mutation. It was confirmed that even in such a relatively small sample, the proportion of positive persons was indeed around 7%, meaning that about one in ten people tested was positive. Those who tested positive were subsequently provided with professional consultation at GHC Genetics and advised on appropriate risk minimisation measures. 

The risk of thrombosis is significantly higher in people with a proven mutation, especially in the context of flying, so it is important to follow the recommended precautions. The TromboGen test, which can detect thrombophilic mutations by analysing a DNA sample, is suitable for anyone who has a sedentary job, travels/flies long distances frequently, use hormonal contraceptives, and also before a planned surgery or if the disease has manifested itself in someone in the family. 

If you belong to any of the above risk groups, do not hesitate and have a ThromboGen test done, you will increase your chances of avoiding serious health complications.